Startup Spring Training is a collaborative event series created by SEED SPOT and Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC). Join 3-weeks of free workshops, individualized mentoring, and earn a $500 microgrant towards your business.
This year we're awarding a total of $50,000! 
Check out our workshops and how your business can win a microgrant.

Until the Event starts

How to get to First Base:
Attend one free Startup Spring Training session, either in-person or online!

First base prize:
A free 30-minute online coaching session with a Startup Spring Training business mentor

Next step:
Reach second base (and score another prize) by attending a second free program!

How to get to Second Base:
Attend a second free session! After joining a total of two Startup Spring Training sessions, you'll land on second base.

Second base prize:
A free ticket to SEED SPOT's 2-Day Launch Camp program ($199 value) on March 28th and 29th

Next step:
Keep're halfway to earning a $500 microgrant*! Attend another program to advance.

How to get to Third Base:
Attend a third free session! After joining a total of three in-person or online Startup Spring Training sessions, you'll land on third base.

Next step:
Keep're one step away from your $500 microgrant*!

How to get there:
Remember that online coaching session you earned on first base? Complete it AND attend three total sessions to reach home plate!

Home base prize:
If you meet the qualifications, you've just earned a $500 microgrant*!

Next step:
You've run all the bases, but there are still plenty of valuable free programs to attend...enjoy!

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Register for the workshop topics you'd like to attend. Address to attend can be found in the workshop description. All workshops are free. Remember, hit a home run (3 workshops + an online mentoring sessions) to earn your microgrant!

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